Investing in Shawinigan


transport-ferroviaire-shawinigan 85bc3The geographical position allows direct access to the road network (autoroute de l’Énergie A-55) and rail (CN and Québec-Gatineau) which promotes the transporting of goods. Businesses also benefit from the presence of regional and international airports within 30 km. Two ports of importance (Trois-Rivières and Bécancour) are located 45 km and less.

Access to major networks

autoroute-55-nord-burrill-shawinigan d8309The proximity of highways A-55, A-40 and A-20 provides easy access to major cities like Montréal and Québec, as well as to neighbouring provinces and northeastern United States. The Québec-Gatineau railway, which includes 536 km of track, serves the main industrial areas of the region and connects them to the major continental networks. Shawinigan is one of the few cities to be served by CN, Québec-Gatineau and Via Rail.

Two international airports accessible in a radius 170 km

  • Jean-Lesage Airport (Québec) 135 km
  • Pierre Elliott Trudeau Airport (Montréal) 170 km
pictograms-nps-airport de725

Characteristics of airport and ports accessible within 45 km

  • Trois-Rivières Airport (20 minutes from Shawinigan)
    • 1 829 metre runway for landing of regional jets
    • Modern terminal with hangars
    • Fuel 80/87 – 100/130
    • aiga-water-transportation1 8fcf3Flight school and charter transport service
  • Port of Trois-Rivières (25 minutes from Shawinigan)
    • Located on the St. Lawrence River, open water year round
    • Efficient transportation of goods
    • Modern equipment
    • Important storage capacityaiga-rail-transportation1 6527c
    • Roll-on/roll-off ramp
  • Port of Bécancour (40 minutes from Shawinigan)
    • Situated on the St. Lawrence River, in deep water (10.67 m)
    • Five berths totalling 1 130 m
    • pictograms-nps-misc-trucks ac9e5A Ro-Ro ramp
    • 61 hectares of storage space
    • Stevedoring, towage, customs, marine agency, potable water, electricity and communications services.