Investing in Shawinigan

Industrial Profile

chutes-shawinigan 6fc73The history of Shawinigan was marked by its ability to innovate which led to many industrial breakthroughs, especially in the fields of technology and energy.

This glorious past also contributed to the development and legacy of a world-class industrial infrastructure, a culture of innovation, a highly-skilled industrial labour force and state-of-the-art subcontracting.

Shawinigan’s values acquired over the years coupled with today’s dynamism make it a place of choice for all innovative companies.

Today, Shawinigan continues to develop and innovate, focusing on diversity to restructure its economy. Through a close partnership among the various shareholders, the city gave itself a plan of diversification and economic diversity in 2011. Four targets that allow Shawinigan to stand out have been identified.

An integrated tertiary

  • lte-hydro-quebec-shawinigan 80d74One of the first hubs of engineering for paper, energy and metals in Canada
  • Financial and legal services linked to all major capitals of the world
  • Logistical platforms serving all of Canada and the United States
  • Multiple research institutions at the service of industry
  • Management companies active in various countries of the world

Examples of companies that chose to innovate in Shawinigan

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A centennial industrial tradition

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